Now Accepting New Student Applications!

Big thanks to students from University of Indianapolis who lent their time and talents to renovate and beautify parts of our school and playground. They've worked hard and done an outstanding job.

We are now accepting applications for Summer Camp 2015, as well as registration for the 2015-16 School Year!  All current forms and calendars for these are available on this website. 

Camp:  We have a beautiful, easy to read camp brochure to help you pick the weeks your camper would like to spend with us.  We offer sibling discounts, as well as discounts on any pre-paid 5- week packages for camp.  We offer extended care (7am-5:45pm) at no additional charge during our Summer Camp!  We will be at the Indy’s Child Summer Camp Fair this Saturday, February 21, with brochures and applications.  Drop by our booth, between 10am and 3pm, or download what you need to register now, from this site.

2015-16 School Year:  Registrations are now being accepted for the 2015-16 school year.  All forms are available on this website.  Our academic calendar is also posted, for your convenience, as well as our fee schedule.  We accept only 15 preschoolers, and 35 elementary students, so space is limited!  If you have any questions regarding our programs, please call us at 317-253-3033 between 9am- 3pm on school days.

Spring Open House March 8, 2015


Friends, please join us on Sunday, March 8, 1-3pm, for our annual Spring Open HouseTake this opportunity to meet the teachers, some of our students, and families from our community.

We will be offering an opportunity to sign up for Summer Camp 2015.

Come and check out the best little school in Indianapolis!  We look forward to meeting you!

You can find out more by checking out our Facebook event page

For more information, contact us or call (317) 253-3033

The Students Present Their Case. Save the Planet, Save the Elves, Save the Holidays

A Holiday Message from Santa's Elves | Video | Youth Power Indianat 9.25.54 AM

Jim Poyser, of Earth Charter Indiana, was our partner this semester for the Climate Change immersion at The Children’s House.  His latest project was a video he produced, in collaboration with the intrepid Math Roomers, who generated the idea for this chronicle, through conversations during our various workshops with Jim, regarding the safety of Santa in light of the melting icecaps.  Jim remained faithful to his work, and gave them the creative space to act out their ideas, fears, and concerns about what is happening on their planet.  This video is the end result.  Many thanks to Jim Poyser, and to the cameraman, Ryan McCracken.

For more information on what you can do to help, contact Youth Power Indiana or Earth Charter Indiana.

Holiday Wishlist: A Call for Hula Hoops.


The below open letter to the parent community of The Children’s House asks the parents to donate any hula hoops to the school for children to play with. At the Children’s House, we take these requests seriously as these types of activities can have a great benefit to a child’s learning and overall well being. We thank you for any donations you may have.

Dear Parents,

Can you please donate hula-hoops to The Children’s House? The kids want to play with hula- hoops. We will take care of them. They will not get broken. Please send hula-hoops for The Children’s House.

Thank you,
Lukas Newlin
Age: 6

(a student at The Children’s House)

For more information on how to donate any hula hoops you may have, contact us or call (317) 253-3033

The Children’s House Annual Meeting

Jim Puser talks to the students about  climate change

Families and friends of The Children’s House, please join us for our Annual Meeting, on Tuesday, November 25. We will be meeting at the Marian Library Auditorium, on the Marian University campus, 3200 Cold Springs Road. We will start at 6:30. Students will be performing musical pieces, and the Reading Room and others will be doing a theater presentation. We will have a special guest, Jim Poyser, executive director of Earth Charter Indiana, who will address the assembly to update you on our nine week Climate Change Focus, and highlight some of the work produced by our students during that time. We will also be attending to school business, nominating and voting for new members of our Board of Directors. We look forward to seeing you all there.

You can find out more information by checking out our Facebook event page

For more information, contact us or call (317) 253-3033

Learning About Nature and Our Impact on It.

“On Monday, students from the Math homeroom enjoyed a field trip to the White Pine Wilderness Academy, arranged by Jim Poyser, our Climate Change educator, and hosted by Matt Shull, director of the academy. Students had the opportunity to learn more about nature, animals tracks, and fire making. This field trip was part of Jim Poyser’s partnership with The Children’s House this fall, as students participate in educational enrichment concerning climate change. Mr. Poyser will join students at the school on Friday, November 14, for an edition of his well-known Climate Change Game Show!