A Community Event: Sundaes on Sunday


The Children’s House would like to invite you to our annual summer Ice Cream Social.  Please come and join the teachers, students, and parents at what has become our favorite summer activity, eating ice cream sundaes together!  We will be making sundaes, playing a few games, and getting our faces painted!  We are inviting all of our students and their families to come to this event, and all of our new families who will be starting with us in the fall.  We look forward to seeing all of you and your children at the school on Sunday, August 24, from 5-8 pm.

Visit our Facebook events page for more information: https://www.facebook.com/events/270132046513313/?ref_newsfeed_story_type=regular

Testing, Thinking, and Nurturing the Whole Child

Testing and Learning

Multiple choice:

What character said the line, “To be or not to be, that is the question”?

  1. Polonius
  2. Hamlet
  3. Gertrude
  4. Claudius

Most Americans could guess that B, Hamlet, is the right answer to this question. However, would most Americans explain what the line means? It’s not that Shakespeare is deliberately obscure in his writing. It’s that American students aren’t often asked to interpret texts in meaningful ways. Instead, students rely on study guides to give them the gist of a text – the “official” meaning – and then, they take a test that asks them to answer the most basic, and least interpretive, questions their teachers can think of.

From Footprints in Nature to Flights of Fancy: Children’s House Campers Continue to Explore

Tracking footprintsThe Children’s House Summer Camp 2014 just finished our first week of camp, devoted to “Footprints in Nature”. We gathered books from the library, and learned how to track some of the animals you might find in the wild here in Indiana. With the help of our science teacher, Mr. Gilkey, we made tracks of different animals, and matched prints we found with the animals that made them.

Campers spent time at the Indiana State Museum, gathering more animal facts, and a day at Eagle Creek Park, looking for real tracks in the “wild”! We found deer, raccoon, dog, and a few craw fish towers! We also found some animal scat! It was a great adventure.

This week is “Flights of Fancy”. The week is devoted to all things that fly, including kites and paper airplanes. We will visit the Indianapolis International Airport, the Airpark, interview a real pilot, and try to fold some origami airplanes! Hope you’re signed up to join us for another great week!

Exploring Eagle Creek Park

The Spirit of Giving: A Letter to the Children’s House from Frank Mullen and Little Circle Cambodia

Frank Mullen standing with the students of Little Circle CambodiaA little more than a year ago, Frank Mullen, an architect originally from Indiana, sold everything he owned, including his house, and went to Cambodia to offer his services as an unpaid volunteer to a group called Sustainable Cambodia.   “Sustainable Cambodia works with the families of rural Cambodian villages to help them achieve sustainability and self-sufficiency through wells, irrigation systems, schools, training and empowerment.” Frank is living in Pousat Province, using his skills as an architect to build and/or renovate buildings in the surrounding areas for local villagers.

The Children’s House has taken on his spirit of giving, and has been sending donations for various projects he is working on.  One project we participated in was raising money to buy bicycles for local village children so they could get back and forth to school.  The Children’s House students raised over $200 so that Frank could take 4 students from Pousat Province to buy refurbished bikes.  Our students also voted to send any donated monies, not otherwise designated, to Little Circle Cambodia, the Facebook page Frank Mullen established to accept donations for the projects he works on, and chronicle the projects he is doing in Cambodia.  We recently sent $50 to Frank to be used for materials he needs for a house he is refurbishing for one of the local families.  Frank wrote us this letter in response to our recent donation.

Find out more about Little Circle Cambodia and how you can help

A letter from Frank Mullen and Sustainable Cambodia

Dear People of the Children’s House-

When you gave Sopheap a bicycle, it changed her life.  Every day when I work on rebuilding her family’s house in Krang Popleak, I see her ride it home from school.  She is liberated.

When I first came to see where her family lived, I didn’t expect to find a place that provided so little shelter.  I knew I had to fix it, and I trusted that if I asked for help, people would come through with enough money to do it right.  People like you.  Thank you for your role in the Kong family’s future, again.

This past week was a good one for the project.  We’re pushing to enclose the addition so the family can live in it while we strip the walls and roof of the existing house.  The addition now has a roof, wood siding, a front door, and some wood slats to provide security and shade to the outside porch.  I’ve learned a lot about Cambodia by showing up every day in a rural village.  The people are helpful and kind, working and laughing with me, supplying me with cold water and mangos, learning a little English along the way.

I hope in a few weeks the house will be finished so we can move back to work on the sewing shop project.  The rainy season is here and the daily rainfall will only increase in the months ahead.  The sewing shop has the same problem as the Kong family.  Life doesn’t work very well if you can’t have a dry place.

Your donations are deeply felt.  Some would say the Children’s House is a small school.  I say it’s 9,000 miles wide.


Students ride their bike.

Summer Camp 2014!

Get ready for camp!  The Children’s House Day Camp starts June 9, and is open until August 15.  Come and have a different kind of summer fun!  Make puppets, learn how to play Yahtzee, find some of the indigenous birds of Indiana, and take a trip to the airport to watch planes take off and land.  We go swimming, hike in the woods, visit libraries, and go on picnics.

Sound like a fun kind of summer?  Check out our brochure, and get ready to register!  Limited spots available for preschool (3-4) and elementary age campers (5-14).

Garden Center – Children’s House fundraiser

The Children’s House has teamed up with the Garden Center for another fundraiser.  We have $20 gift certificates available for immediate purchase to use at the Garden Center on 71st st.  We will receive 25% of the sale and the gift certificates can be used to purchase items at the Garden Center until June 15th.

Please talk to a teacher if you are interested in purchasing a gift certificate.