Bird Day: A Children’s House Discovery of Our Winged Friends

Bird Day was an idea initiated by a student, who wanted all the students to go to Eagle Creek to look at birds.  So we made a plan and went!  We saw Great Blue Herons, Cormorants, Egrets, Blue Jays, Gulls, and many other birds.  We made it back before the rain.  Just one of our many delightful field trips this fall!

Earth Charter Indiana Partners with The Children’s House to Educate Our Students about Climate Change

Jim Poyser of Earth Charter Indiana talks to The Childrens House about climate change

The Children’s House students spend the first nine weeks every fall semester focused on an “immersion” topic.  We have studied Egyptian Culture, mapped the chronology of language, learned about architecture, and researched the evolution of transportation.  Students research, read books, build projects, make art, write papers, and go on field trips related to our topic.

Meet the Teachers

An axolotls that the seniors picked out today for their class pet
This Thursday, September 25, is Meet the Teachers Night. From 5:30 to 7 pm you can drop in and meet the teachers, and other parents in our community. It’s a great opportunity to ask the questions you want to ask, and meet everyone you don’t already know. We will serve light snacks. Come and bring your family.

For more information, contact us or call (317) 253-3033

Conceptually closing the summer gap

At The Children’s House, we emphasize mastery of concepts and information. We don’t pour information into students with a pressure hose and expect it to be expeditiously and permanently regurgitated. We aim to plant concepts in students; we encourage students to value them inherently and nurture them accordingly.

Recently, I reviewed the major bones of the human skeleton with one of my six-year-old students. Her initial hesitation yielded to joy (and a little dance) as she discovered that she was still able to identify them all with remarkable accuracy. Crucial to this student’s successful retention was the fact that she felt a sense of ownership of the material going into the summer. When this student mastered the human skeleton last spring, her profound sense of accomplishment resided exclusively within herself.

Students develop a sense of ownership, and understand that ideas and information are valuable and meaningful only insofar as those ideas and information exist and live in the students themselves. In a learning environment such as The Children’s House, things learned in the past are always ready to be recalled, to blossom again, and to spread out into new ideas.

Meet the Teacher Night is Now on a New Night

Meet the Teachers

Due to some unforeseen scheduling conflicts, we are changing the date for Meet the Teacher Night. Originally set for September 18, it is now scheduled for Thursday, September 25. The time remains the same, from 5:30-7:00 pm.

For more information, contact us or call (317) 253-3033

Welcome Back, Students and Parents!

The Children's House

“Welcome back! We are excited to be starting the 2014-15 school year! We are welcoming two new staff members, a classroom assistant, Miss Julie Nurnberger, and a new Art teacher, Miss Jenny Ollikainen. Miss Julie will be helping in Mrs. Louden’s classroom each morning, helping other teachers when needed, as well as being in the playroom. Welcome to Miss Julie. Miss Ollikainen will be teaching art every day from 12-3;30. She will also be our aftercare person on Thursdays this semester. Welcome to Miss Ollikainen.