Summer Camp 2014!

Get ready for camp!  The Children’s House Day Camp starts June 9, and is open until August 15.  Come and have a different kind of summer fun!  Make puppets, learn how to play Yahtzee, find some of the indigenous birds of Indiana, and take a trip to the airport to watch planes take off and land.  We go swimming, hike in the woods, visit libraries, and go on picnics.

Sound like a fun kind of summer?  Check out our brochure, and get ready to register!  Limited spots available for preschool (3-4) and elementary age campers (5-14).

Spring Open House March 9, 2014

spring open house

Spring Open House, March 9


Friends, please join us on Sunday, March 9, 1-3pm, for our annual Spring Open House!

Take this opportunity to meet the teachers, some of our students, and families from our community.

We will be offering an opportunity to sign up for Summer Camp 2014.

We are also offering 50% off of the registration fee when you pre-register for the 2014-2015 school year.

Come and check out the best little school in Indianapolis!  We look forward to meeting you!

Our First Stop Motion Video Project

Visiting Alumnus, Mike Mullin

Mike Mullin

Mike Mullin

The Children’s House is pleased to announce a special visit from one of our alumnus.  Mike Mullin, the celebrated and honored author of Ashfall, will be visiting our school on Wednesday, December 11.

He will address a special session of our Weekly Meeting, and then visit the Literature class to talk about being a writer, and about his published works.  Perhaps he will share some stories from his days as a student at The Children’s House!  We look forward to this special literary event.

Mr. Mullin is the winner of the  Emerging Author Award Winner of the Eugene & Marilyn Glick Indiana Authors Award. The award is an annual honor presented by the Indianapolis Public Library. Hear him talk about the award. He is also a nominee for awards in Missouri, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Georgia, New York, New Jersey, and Tennessee.

About Ashfall:



Many visitors to Yellowstone National Park don’t realize that the boiling hot springs and spraying geysers are caused by an underlying supervolcano. It has erupted three times in the last 2.1 million years, and it will erupt again, changing the earth forever.

Fifteen-year-old Alex is home alone when Yellowstone erupts. His town collapses into a nightmare of darkness, ash, and violence, forcing him to flee. He begins a harrowing trek in search of his parents and sister, who were visiting relatives 140 miles away.

Along the way, Alex struggles through a landscape transformed by more than a foot of ash. The disaster brings out the best and worst in people desperate for food, clean water, and shelter.  When an escaped convict injures Alex, he searches for a sheltered place where he can wait—to heal or to die. Instead, he finds Darla. Together, they fight to achieve a nearly impossible goal: surviving the supervolcano.

Mike’s website.

Everything You Are

This is a room recording of an original song by the seniors at the Children’s House in Indianapolis, IN.

This is a live performance of an original song by the seniors at the Children’s House in Indianapolis, IN. We are planning to live room record it again at school the week of December 16th.

Sophia – Vox
Elias – Guitar
Galen – Keys
Jada & Isa – Drums
Jamey Faulkner – Bass & Back Vox

Hello my friends, I’ve been here for years
Don’t let me drift away, don’t let me drift away
I’ve been singing from my heart you hear
It’s everything you are, It’s everything I live

Who Who I know you
Who Who you are you
Who Who everything you are
It’s everything you are

Once just once is all I feel is real
It’s now that I can say, don’t let it slip away
This right here is what I know today
It’s everything I live, it’s everything you love

Who Who I know you
Who Who you are you
Who Who everything you are
It’s everything you are

Sensational Six : Moon Flower